Call For Paper: Type of talk explained EN


Want to submit a talk to Android Makers France? Need help understanding the various submission types? You’re on the right page.

You can submit five kinds of proposals:

  1. Keynote talk
  2. 40mn talk
  3. 20mn talk
  4. Workshop
  5. Makers Area

Keynote talks last 40 minutes and must be of interest to all attendees, whatever their background. No pressure, but keep in mind that these two talks will take place during the first morning as an introduction to the whole event ;)

40-minutes Talk
These 40-minutes talks are like the ones hosted during PAUG’s meetups. In addition to the 40 minutes, you’ll have 5 more minutes for Q&A. You can proceed differently if you want, so long as you keep it under 45 minutes.

20-minutes Talk
20-minutes talks are meant to be efficient talks. They can be technical, show a specific use case, they can tell a story, like the longer conferences. You’ll have 5 more minutes for Q&A.

Workshops must last between 1 hour 30 minutes and 3 hours. A workshop is the right place for transforming theory into practise. You may take at least the first 30 minutes to give basic information and provide everyone with the required background to follow up. Workshops about development, design, IoT, agility, etc. are all really encouraged.

Makers Area
For half a day (morning or afternoon), or more, you will be invited to showcase your project on a booth. We will let you setup your stand the way you want and do the demo you want. The booth should be about 2 square meters. Don’t forget! If you’re ready to do a demo of your work, chance is that you have something interesting to share in a 20 or 40 minutes talk or a workshop. So go submit a subject, we’re waiting for you :).

Android Makers is an event organized for you devs and makers. It’s the perfect opportunity to seize your chance to jump onstage and become a speaker. We really hope to see lots of talks, propositions and new names.

Still have a question? Want to clarify a point? Don’t hesitate to contact us at:

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