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Download the Android Makers app!


Download the Android Makers app! (Version française en bas de page) Every Android conference must have its dedicated application. Android Makers won’t be the exception that’s why we suggest you to download the Android Makers app directly on Google Play. It is split in 3 sections: The 2 days schedule Useful informations List of our partn... continue reading

Continuous Integration on Android @leboncoin


Leboncoin is a simple website. Why simple? Because it proposes only the most essential features like searching nearby, saved searches, alerts, internal messaging … But this doesn’t prevent leboncoin’s standards to be very high; our website and our apps must work perfectly and rapidly. To face this huge task, we count on a team of 200 techs. It’... continue reading

Call For Paper: Type of talk explained EN


Want to submit a talk to Android Makers France? Need help understanding the various submission types? You’re on the right page. You can submit five kinds of proposals: Keynote talk 40mn talk 20mn talk Workshop Makers Area Keynote Keynote talks last 40 minutes and must be of interest to all attendees, whatever their background. No p... continue reading

Call For Paper: Type of talk explained FR


Vous voulez soumettre une présentation à Android Makers France? Besoin d’aide pour comprendre les différents types de soumission? Vous êtes au bon endroit ! Vous pouvez soumettre 5 types de proposition : Keynote Talk de 40 minutes Talk de 20 minutes Workshop Makers Area Keynote Les Keynotes durent 40 minutes et doivent intéresser ... continue reading

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